Oregon’s anti-teacher assault

OREGON TEACHERS are valiantly resisting an unprecedented attack on their schools and unions. Over the last month, teachers in four Oregon school districts have voted to go on strike, while other locals face painful budget cuts that will have a devastating effect on our schools. As of May 21, the Reynolds Education Association, east of … Continue reading


A strike brewing in Oregon

AFTER MONTHS at the negotiating table with intransigent school boards, some 750 teachers from the Gresham-Barlow Education Association and Parkrose Faculty Association voted April 11 by overwhelming majorities to authorize their respective bargaining teams to call for a strike. The executive council of the Reynolds Education Association, a third teachers union in Oregon’s East Multnomah County … Continue reading

Ready to fight in East County

SOME 1,500 teachers and community supporters in Oregon gathered in the Gresham High School gymnasium March 20 for a rally that brought together the Gresham-Barlow Education Association, Reynolds Education Association and Parkrose Faculty Association–three teachers unions in East Multnomah County that are all facing attacks by local school boards. Margaret Butler, the executive director of … Continue reading

Standing for Corporate America Addendum

After looking further into Stand for Children, there are several other points and updates I think are worth sharing. First, Tom Olson, another former Portland Stand for Children volunteer, has publicly left the organization and has written a revealing open letter to SFC CEO Jonah Edelman. His letter further elucidates how the Portland chapter’s shift … Continue reading

Standing for Corporate America

In a rare moment of ruling class honesty, billionaire James Crown and Stand for Children CEO Jonah Edelman revealed the union-bashing corporate agenda behind education reform in a recent speech. Speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival, they explained how Stand for Children, a nonprofit ostensibly dedicated to helping “all children get the excellent public education…they … Continue reading