Guess where they’re not pushing Merit Pay…

In case anyone missed this gem posted on the Answer Sheet a few days back, I though I would re-post. While Obama and his poor choice of an education secretary Arne Duncan are pushing Merit Pay for teachers around the country through Race to the Top, Bill Schechter, a retired history teacher in Massachusetts, decided to inquire whether or not the schools that Obama and Duncan send their kids to have “pay for performance” models of teacher evaluation. The answers recently arrived in two emails:

• Arlington school district teacher, March 31, 2011::

“We do not tie teacher evaluations to scores in the Arlington public school system.”

• Sidwell Friends faculty member, April 1, 2011:

“We don’t tie teacher pay to test scores because we don’t believe them to be a reliable indicator of teacher effectiveness.”

I wonder if these schools are constantly administering standardized tests? If students have to spend weeks doing test preparation? If their students don’t do well on one of these tests is it possible their school will be closed or all the staff will be fired? Are their schools falling apart? Is asbestos leaking from the walls? Do they constantly have to cut their library and support staff? Are their art, music and PE classes constantly being cut? Do many of their teachers constantly worry about whether they’ll have a job next year? Probably not, because there is one education system for those being trained to rule, and another (where pay-for-performance and standardized tests reign supreme) for those who are to be ruled.


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