Standing for Corporate America Addendum

After looking further into Stand for Children, there are several other points and updates I think are worth sharing. First, Tom Olson, another former Portland Stand for Children volunteer, has publicly left the organization and has written a revealing open letter to SFC CEO Jonah Edelman. His letter further elucidates how the Portland chapter’s shift … Continue reading

Standing for Corporate America

In a rare moment of ruling class honesty, billionaire James Crown and Stand for Children CEO Jonah Edelman revealed the union-bashing corporate agenda behind education reform in a recent speech. Speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival, they explained how Stand for Children, a nonprofit ostensibly dedicated to helping “all children get the excellent public education…they … Continue reading

Who does Arne Duncan really appreciate?

For teacher appreciation week Secretary of Education Arne Duncan wrote an open letter to American teachers commending us for our hard work and dedication to making a difference in children’s lives. Normally teachers would be thrilled to receive such eloquent praise, but for many of us Arne’s words rang hollow. This is because they came … Continue reading

Disaster Schooling in Detroit

IMAGINE IF the governor of your state appointed a businessman to be in charge of the public schools in your city. That person, who had never before lived in your community, is given virtually dictatorial control over the school district. In his first year in office, he increases the district’s debt by over 50 percent … Continue reading